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 DeathKnight (Tank)  Closed
 DeathKnight (DPS)  Open
 Druid (Boomkin)  High
 Druid (Feral)  Open
 Druid (Resto)  Closed
 Hunter  Closed
 Mage  Low
 Paladin (Healing)  Closed
 Paladin (Prot)  Low
 Paladin (Retri)  Closed
 Priest (Healing)  Low
 Priest (Shadow)  High
 Rogue  High
 Shaman (Enhance)  Low
 Shaman (Elemental)  Open
 Shaman (Healing)  Closed
 Warlock  Low
 Warrior (DPS)  High
 Warrior (Prot)  Closed
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Welcome to the Anonymous Danger website. Here you will find general Guild Info, a Forum on which we exchange ideas, a link to our raid signup page,  your DKP standing and many other usefull content. Most sitepages are Public Access and can be accessed without being logged in. So have a look and stroll around.

  1. Information about our guild and usefull links can be found under Guild Info.
  2. Account info and a link to our raid calender can be found under Raid signup.
  3. Our Progress in WotLK can be found on our Kill Board page.
  4. Applications and news about raids and anything that is going on in the guild can be found on the Forums. 
  5. You can find your DKP standings on the DKP page (members only).
  6. An overview of our members can be found in the Roster page which is also linked to the WoW Armory.
Other Guild News

AD Progress in IceCrown 10 man!

Rethlon@Dragonblight, Dec 12, 09 6:13 PM.

XT-002 (25 men) Hardmode!

Lavinia4, Oct 5, 09 8:33 AM.
Gratz to everyone that was present, great team work!! :)

Flame leviathan 25 man hardmode

Elwyn2, Sep 28, 09 7:30 AM.
This post is a bit like the "My parents went to <fill in exotic country here> and the only thing they brought back for me me was this T-shirt". So here is our own "Some nub forgot to make a screenshot and now we are stuck with this lousy screeny of the achievement". Gratz all.


Finaly!! Yogg 25 man killed. Woot!!

Elwyn2, Sep 21, 09 6:07 PM.
Finaly!! Yogg 25 man killed. Woot!!

Thx everyone for making that happen!!


Anonymous cleares ToC 25 man!!! Excellent job all!!!

Elwyn2, Sep 14, 09 7:22 AM.
Nice work, clearing whole of ToC 25 man in one night and downing the nub Anub. Excellent job for non-hardcore raidguild like us.

So-and-so has logged on!